Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writing Group Ahoy!

I've found a writing group here in Birmingham! I'll post a link to them once I have a chance to attend my first meeting on February 1. I'm also moving from OpenOffice 3.3 to Microsoft Word 2010, for two reasons: A) the writing group does what it does with Word's change tracking mechanism, and OO Writer's change tracker is only mostly compatible, and B) Word, like it or not, is the industry standard, so using anything else is just asking for trouble later on. So: time to bite the bullet. I've installed Microsoft's Office Home 2010 60-day trial, to be purchased in full once I know all is well.

I've had various and sundry errands, obligations and projects to handle around the house lately, so writing progress isn't what I've been hoping for, but I've got some time to work tonight. I'll post a Work In Progress (WIP) excerpt later.


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