Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP, as Promised

Here's the work-in-progress excerpt, as promised.

Somewhere in a world apart, unimpeded thanks to the ruining of Tiger Ape's eardrums, Ambrose faintly heard a raucous, hungry cheer go up. Glasses clinked, and voices raised from their former hush. He could actually hear the odds-makers dickering. And the Goddamned Mozart. 
Bat-Boar-Rilla stumbled as Tiger Ape leapt for another dimly visible branch. Ambrose caught it, barely, but he knew that he'd won. The entire area stank of blood now. So long as the League kept its rule specifying an ATP-cycle-based fuel system for assemblies, blood loss would always eventually end a match. 
Hannah's contractors, however, were well known for their anaerobic system designs—a burly beast like this one could store gigantic quantities of glycogen. Bat-Boar-Rilla charged Tiger Ape's tree, a rather slight one, he realized belatedly, and with an impact like a thunderclap, snapped it at the trunk.
This is a first draft, so bear in mind that any WIPs like this will be subject to tightening-up.


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  1. Totally dig it. Really. Brin meets Gibson and becomes R.C.Miller, Jr. Bring it!