Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Short Story: Proxy Bloodsport

This weekend I embarked on a rewrite of a short story I put together for the 2007 Dragon*Con Writers' Workshop, Proxy Bloodsport. What prompted me was making contact with a college friend who's been writing and submitting for a while now, and who was actually attending this year's Superstars Writing Seminars where some of my idols/models were in attendance.

Anyway, she immediately fired off an excellent sample of her writing (which had received mention in a national contest!) for me to peruse; when I looked at PB, hot and bothered to send it to her, needed a rewrite, and badly: it no longer represented where I think I am as a writer.

So, I'm rewriting. Shan't post much here in the interim, because of course, writing time needs to be thrown at the work.



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