Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Darwin Colossus" ready for Group Critique

Went through another set of revisions tonight, and I think I'm about as far as I can go by the deadline for submission to Magic City Writers (tomorrow). The story still needs some tightening and unifying (especially the action scenes), but I'm reasonably pleased, and curious what the group has to say.

Whew! Been hard work, getting it all together, but I'm glad to have a group keeping me accountable!

Good night, all, and I'll report new stuff as it comes up. Probably time to start a new story, soon!


Big Revision Day

Got well over half of a full first-draft revision done on Proxy Bloodsport (tentatively renamed Darwin's Colossi), as the in progress box shows. Not much else to say (or WIP quote), as it's late and I don't want to risk getting too sleep-deprived.

More tomorrow!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finished Rough Draft of Proxy Bloodsport!

I was thinking it would be around 7,000 words and I finished up around 6,500, as you can see in my progress box to the right.

Next step: First Draft, which will be a complete going-over and tightening, editing for consistency, adding and subtracting (mainly subtracting, I anticipate) so that it'll be ready for a good going-over by the writing group here in town.

Speaking of which, yes, I got the chance to attend the Magic City Writers Group this past Wednesday (the 16th). It seems like a great group of people, committed to producing good fiction, and not afraid to give or take the nitpicks and critiques we all need to do so!

Now, WIP:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New WIP, and Status Report

It's been a trying few weeks, between illness in the house (a tenacious upper-respiratory bug that felled both me and Amy, in turn) and unexpected, apparently successful abdominal surgery for one of the family dogs (oy).

But writing must continue, and so I'm back on the horse as of tonight. Here's some WIP: