Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Been Quiet Around Here Lately

Life has been a complete bear of late. Not in the negative sense (though there's been some of that), but in the sense that there's been so much to do and deal with in my personal life that there hasn't been much writing time, or indeed time to blog here.

Let's see, short list:

  • Changed departments at work
  • Ripping out carpeting at the house (long overdue, especially since we have pets)
  • One of our cats had six kittens
  • Two of the kittens died after much care (probable birth defects), causing my wife and I no small amount of grief
In the process I've read a fair amount and produced a couple of chapters of Darwin Colossus for Magic City Writers, but sadly writing has gotten pretty short shrift. Luckily we may be nearing the end of both the near-term floor refurbishing work and the kitten drama. 

In other news, Brant from Magic City Writers has had the entirety of his novel At The Lady's Behest Comes... workshopped by the group, so congratulations to him! Thirteen chapters, and more than 150,000 words, revised in full twice. The raw achievement of this has inspired me, so I'll be working to make more progress on Darwin Colossus from here out.


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  1. I am anxiously awaiting more news of progress. The hard part is always the hard part.