Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Progress Again: 9,494 Words and Counting [WIP]

November continues to be a month of multifarious obligations and unexpected tasks. Nevertheless, I persevere. I'm way behind on word count, but I will continue to forge onward. The point of it is to keep going!

And now, today's Work In Progress:

Sunrise overtook the city of New Ponnistus as it ever did, from coral riming of both the clouds and the spires of the Temple of the Mother, to the brilliant first rays of true sun that caught the gilded copper and brass frames girding the dirigibles moored to the pasts in the port district. Their diaphanous membranes shone in the morning sun like honeyed amber, and the tolling of Morning Observance rang around the city as it woke.
Lehtinen Kaisa woke slowly, smiling in the snugness of her garret, turning her face slowly to greet the sunshine. The linens of her bed were new, delivered just the morning before from Koistinen’s, and their clean coolness was delicious in a way she’d never known before.
The carrillon sounded the hour of nine, and Kaisa’s enjoyment curdled to horror as the memory came forth that she had Beginning Wide-Field Thaumaturgics with Raisanen Kaarlo that morning, and in less than half an hour. She soon discovered that the electrick power had failed in her building during the night, so her new, expensive automatic-chime-clock had stopped keeping time at around four-thirty. She gave it a sour glance as she vaulted from bed, winced as her feet nearly froze on the frigid tiles of the floor, and rushed as quickly as she dared through her necessaries, dressing, and stuffing of her books into the arm-bag her mother had left her.
She remembered the key to her rooms well enough, and locked the door soundly behind her. The electro-thaumaturgic lift was out of service as well, so she clomped and tottered down the narrow stairway, keeping her balance she knew not how in her new boots. 

We're into Book II, now, several hundred years after Book I. Steampunky!


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